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All Faxing to Cease

In June 2019 the Ministry of Health Accident Compensation Commission released a joint communique defining secure communication within the New Zealand health sector, specifically in regards to email and faxing. The two recommendations made by the Ministry were that: All emails be transmitted using Transport Layer Security (TSS) no later than January 2020. All analogue faxing […]

eOrder & eResults Available

Laboratory requests and results are now available electronically. eOrder Referrers can order tests from us directly from your practice management system. eOrders are sent direct to the laboratory system, improving accuracy and providing your clinical team with real-time information about your requests.¬† For more information visit:¬† eResults eResults allows referrers to access their results electronically […]

Pre-departure COVID-19 Testing

The Ministry of Health continues to hold the view that pre-departure testing is one element of a comprehensive strategy that includes measures such as quarantine on arrival.As part of this strategy there is an understanding that there will be increasing requests for pre-departure COVID-19 testing. With this in mind we are sharing relevant information for […]